Today Marisa and I went and checked out the restaurant Bliss: Raw & Vegan Food and then went and ran a couple errands after work, including a pit stop at Red Mango HQ to get some yoghurt thanks to Marisa’s excellent connections.



Me & Marisa

Chocolate ParadiseThis was a drink called, I think, Chocolate Paradise. Made from Cocoa. It tasted like chocolate milk even though there is no sugar, and no milk. It was crazy. Marisa got a similar drink called the Bliss 125 and we both agreed mine was a little better… actually a lot better.Marisa's Taco's

Marisa’s Tacos. Taco shell was made out of sunflower seed, but they were seriously good!Yo! Greek Wrap

My “Yo! Greek Wrap” delicious for sure, but kinda messy to eat. I think I got hummus in my hair one time. Don’t ask.

Apple Cobbler

Apple cobbler for dessert. We thought it should have been called apple granola rather than cobbler.


I told Marisa I was going to post this!

The Perfect Post-Dinner Snack

On a side note this is seriously the perfect snack because they taste like Oreo’s, but they’re organic!


2 Responses to “A LITTLE BIT OF BLISS”

  1. Laura Sheppard Says:

    How cute is this restaurant, it looks like somewhere I would like, I love organic food and granola! This review was very helpful, thank you both! 🙂

  2. The tacos and cobbler look delish……….mmmmmmmm!

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