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Hello from Vegas :)!!! Today is my 21st birthday and I’m loving it! At the stroke of midnight last night I ordered a drink and pulled a slot here at Bellagio. Just now woke up, but as I promised I would, I’m updating here from Vegas. Going to make it a short one text wise because there are quite a few pics and I have to get down to the pool here soon ha. Enjoy!










Great Prada purse that my sister and I saw


Joy liked these Fendi boots so this is her “fierce” faceP1010439P1010443My mom looking prettyP1010447



This was displayed non-stop on the Paris billboardP1010453We’re going to see Holly Madison tonight!P1010458




The LAMB shoes I picked out for my sister. She looked great in them too!



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So last night, all of the hard work the Home Depot Team has been putting into the Home Team Benefit Concert came to culmination and it was a TON of fun! I was supposed to get there around noon to start helping to set up, but as things frequently go “the day of” unexpected occurrences came up and I didn’t make it there till around 5:00. I worked the raffle table almost the whole night, I kept taking other people’s shifts because I was having so much fun! Anywho, I have to make this short becuase I’m leaving for Vegas today for my 21st birthday, so here comethe pics!



The Lakewood Theater where the concert was held


Needless to say, the building was seriously coolP1010447


P1010455I sold a ton of those things!P1010453

Tracy, my team leader at The Richards GroupP1010460

Laura had a little accident with her drink


We were total Stan-Halen groupies ha



Marisa won two tickets to Bill Maher in the raffle… I won nothing.


That’s Stan Richards on the wall in the back


Last pic before Vegas. I’m off! Excited to finally have an excuse to wear my new Hyden Yoo pants. I’ll update from Vegas. Cheers guys!

J’adore Toulouse

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So today went much better than yesterday work wise. First things first congratulations to Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes for her announcement about the launch of her much anticipated shoe line with Urban Outfitter called simply J. Aldridge. So congrats to you Jane! Today Marisa introduced Laura and I to a French restaurant which apparently she used to basically live at: Toulouse. And wow was it ever delicious! I expect she will be having a post of her own on the events, but as you know, I prefer to let the pictures do the talking.



Marisa looking sexy in her Jeffrey Campbell‘sP1010452


She didn’t tell me she was taking this one… but it turned out well yeah?P1010455Waiting for LauraP1010456P1010457P1010458

This is where Miss Laura is calling home this summer, Highland… very nice.P1010468

They just happened to be in the picture ha.P1010459

This bread was delicious!P1010460



Beignet’s yumm.


Love my peeps


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I’ve been having a little personal retail therapy this past week.

P.S. I deserved it. At least my mom said so. 

I’ve had my eye on these Burberry Studded Ankle Strap Pumps.  They are covered with beautiful pyramid studs on the heel cup and the ankle strap. Delicate from the front with a “don’t f-ing mess with me” vibe from behind.

Picture 4

I also dug the Manolo Blahnik studded leather open toe t-strap sandles Very cool- but maybe a little too generic to spend my whole pay check on.

Picture 18

But then I couldn’t pass up these Jeffery Campbell’s that I found in Assembly in West Village.  They are ridiculous, over the top, and I couldn’t live without them.  They blew the Burberrys straight out the water, for me at least.

Picture 3



I also grabbed these pearl encrusted platform sandals as well. I cant wait to wear them with some skinny jeans and a white tee—totally simple with  a party at the bottom.  They will be awesome to cover up the ankle strap during the day for a more subtle look and then cuff the jeans and go all out for the evening….oh and 50% off is such as selling point 😉 thanks Dani, aka the coolest chick at Assembly. 


They are ludicrously comfortable as well.

Also on my adventure at Assembly I picked up a really cute sheer black top, William Rast Scarlet shorts, and the Stella bootcut jeans. I know ill be wearing everything very soon, so ill just post pictures of those goodies another day.


I also forgot how freaking cool the boxes for the Jeffery Campbell shoes are.  They all have like a different cool/ random story in the inside bottom of the box.  This ones is just a random “singles” page of people that he works with. Quite Hilarious.  And of course, myself being in advertising and marketing- Brilliant.  


…and cue everyone tilt their head to the left.  It’s a love confession letter in the bottom of another J. Campbell box.  Love it. 

Picture 1

In my travels I will be looking for these Elizabeth and James “Haley” wedges.  They are the perfect contrast to my recent Jeffery Campbell purchases.  They look totally comfortable.  About a 4” heel with a 1” platform brings me to a nice 5’10 height—ill take it.

Picture 6

I also am obsessed with this Robert Lee Morris Cluster Sphere bracelet.. Amazing masculine leather strap with a silver buckle, spheres, and pistons—I love it. Remarkably badass; with just enough glam.

Picture 14

And on my luxe list….

The ‘New Jackie’ shoulder bag in the grey guccissima leather with grey leather trim.  Gucci does bags so well.  I have had mine for about 9 years and I just cant seem to part with it, no matter how ratty the sides get.  This one may be a perfect replacement. 

Picture 12

Also–to the Dallasites. 

If you haven’t been to Cru a Wine Bar in the West Village you must go now.  If you can hold off until Sunday they have half-price bottles of wine—which is awesome.  They have just a long enough menu to allow everyone to choose their favorite wine.  My dad arrived in to DFW around 9pm on Sunday and he and I went out to catch some late munchies and a drink, Cru was perfect. 

Picture 11

Off the street enough to not be bothered by the stumbles and screams coming out of Social House, but still in the vicinity to watch the antics.

We shared the flight of Sauvignon Blancs and I ordered a glass of my new favorite—Its from Spain—I will have to go back and get the name.  Also whole heartedly recommend the Cru House Salad.  My dads Gorgonzola and Pear rustic pizza looked divine as well.  I apologize for the Blackberry Pics, left my camera in the car. 

cru food    cruefood2 



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Okay so today, after an extremely long day of work, Marisa and I decided to go to Red Mango HQ again today and get some of the delicious fro-yo. I got to meet Dan Kim and talk with Marisa’s dad again. The space is so cool and the yoghurt totally made our long day seem worth it.




My first self-swirl

After we left Red Mango, we weren’t done for the day and next thing I knew we were going shopping.  This is where it gets cool. We went to this store, Assembly, where Marisa had gone shopping a few days ago. To our shagrin, they were closed. However, people were still inside. When Jace, our new friend, came to the door, he either recgonized Marisa or we looked like we were ready to buy some stuff. He opened the store especially for us and let us in locking the door behind us! They then cued the music back up and turned on all of the lights. So we basically got to shop in the store after hours alone, it was SO cool. I saw some people try coming in after we were in there and they didn’t unlock the door. Marisa and I both escaped with some financial damage, but we both got a pair of new, very awesome, William Rast jeans… my first pair. Marisa has warned me that I’ll never go back, but we’ve decided it needs to be a while before I get any more jeans. I justified the purchase as my 21st birthday outfit. After Assembly I had to run by Banana Republic, no damage of mentionable amount done there. Picture time! P.S. We’ll take pics of the jeans tomorrow.


Assembly, Jace in the white


Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Trends

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Scanning through the net today, I stumbled across’s picks for Fall/Winter 09/10 trends, and I have to say… while I think some of them won’t make it to the streets (this year anyhow), for the most part I completely agree! I tell ya those people at Elle really know their stuff. Who knew? Anyways, expect to see these trends trickle down and become a bit more wearable. Photos from, modified by me as always. Enjoy, and stay stylish


80's ReduxEighties is coming back big… again.CocoonCoat“Cocoon” Coats. Men have a similar trend this year as well.DarkDaysDark colors for fall… groundbreakingFierce FurForget PETA, fur is back, with a vengeance. 
Golden GoddessesIt may be a recession, but Gold is still very much in.

PinkPretty in PinkShoulder CutoutsShoulder cut-outs… as well as cut-outs in general.Shoulder Pad ComebackShoulder pads were big last fall, and this year, they’re getting bigger… literally.
Sparkle PlentyAll that Glitters…ThighHighBootsKnee-high’s are another trend from last winter that’s transitioning to this upcoming season.


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P1010402_2Wow! Well my weekend was significantly more low key than Marisa’s. I’m actually a little jealous ha. So thinking all the way back to Friday night, after the rapid-fire-shopping-attack on North Park, Greg and I met up with our friend Lauren Salisbury and her roomie Mariya at their place, hung out for a little bit  until the girls were ready (which was a while) and then we all went out. We only went to a couple places, Idle Rich (which was way too crowded and really really hot) and Uptown Bar & Grill, because we left pretty late. All and all it was a fun night though and I got to see my friend Alexa Helms from college who I hadn’t seen in AGES. But we cut the night a a little short because I had to be up pretty early the next morning, and I was driving. Picture time (By the way, that’s Lauren with me on the right, those are the jeans and one of the shirts I got on Friday).




This weekend of course was Father’s Day, so yesterday I made the three hour drive up to Norman, OK to meet my family at my house there (it was basically half way from where they live in Tulsa). Once everyone arrived, we caught up for a bit and got ready for dinner. I suppose it’s about time to get a little personal here; my family is incredibly awesome. We are loud, totally random, and have a LOT of big personalities. We’re like a big, crazy Italian family, minus the Italian part. I had forgotten what it was like to be around all of them at once and I’m not going to lie, it took a little getting used to, basically it’s an understatement to say that you need a traffic sign to get a word in edge-wise in our converstaions… Then again, it probably didn’t help that I hadn’t eaten in a long time and was a little cranky.  At dinner my sister dropped a bomb that she has been dying to tell me for ages and has decided that since I’m turning 21 next week, now is as good a time as any to make the announcement: She’s taking me to Egypt as a graduation present! So yeah, needless to say I’m more than a little excited about that.


Hyden YooToday we celebrated Fathers’ day and my grandpa joined us early this morning for the festivities. I was surprised by the fact that before brunch we had a little mini-birthday for me, from my grandpa. He got me an awesome chambray shirt and dark tan tweed-herringbone vest which I’m kinda obsessed with (needless to say my mom and sister helped him with the shopping). He also gave me some coin for my birthday in Vegas next weekend which was much appreciated! I have no pictures sadly, because my sister and mom took them all on their cameras, but I promise I’ll take pictures soon/get the pics from them. It was nice to be back at my house and I got to pick up some stuff I had been really wanting and forgot in the move like my favorite pair of Diesels (which in case you can’t tell I’m a fan of) and my lace-up Ferragamo’s for work (I’ve only worn them like once but they are amazing to say the least), I also had a package delivered to my parents house with a new pair of Hyden Yoo trousers that my mom brought up and are also awesome! Pics on those will come soon as well I promise, but for now see the pic to the right. Alright, signing off with a few pics from the weekend… I promise not to write so much in the future!


Joy (My sister) and I





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